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A Restaurant POS System Built for Restaurateurs Like You

Run your business like the rockstar you are with the perfect restaurant point of sale system.

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The Backbone of
Your Business

A complete restaurant management system built for businesses like yours.


POS software that’s packed with features to keep your business running smoothly.


A sleek design, reliable performance, and mobile options to run your business on your terms.


Lighthouse gives you complete control over your business with advanced reporting and back office tools.

SkyTab and Reporting

Get the Right POS System for Your Restaurant

SkyTab and Mobile

Full-Service Restaurants

Serve up delicious eats and deliver a five-star dining experience.

Full-service restaurant POS features include:

  • Reservations and waitlist management

  • Table management with customizable floor plan

  • Check and gratuity management

  • Tableside ordering and pay-at-the-table

SkyTab full-service POS system is perfect for:

  • Fine dining

  • Casual dining

  • Full-service restaurants

Quick-Service Restaurants

Serve up delicious eats and deliver a five-star dining experience.

Quick service restaurant POS features include:

  • Customer-facing display

  • Conversational ordering interface

  • Caller ID integration and driver management

SkyTab Quick Service POS system is perfect for:

  • Quick-service

  • Counter service

  • Food trucks

  • Fast-casual restaurants

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Nightclubs and Bars

Raise the bar and power through the nightlife rush.

Nightclub and bar POS features include:

  • Age verification

  • Payment pre-authorization

  • Bar tab management

SkyTab Nightclub and Bar POS system is perfect for:

  • Bars

  • Taverns

  • Nightclubs

  • Entertainment venues

Coffee Shops

The perfect blend of technology and functionality.

Coffee shop POS features include:

  • Customer-facing display

  • Modifier matrix for custom drink orders

  • Tableside ordering

SkyTab Coffee Shop POS system is perfect for:

  • Coffee shops

  • Tea rooms

  • Cafes

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Pizza Shops

Deliver speedy service and piping hot pies.

Pizzeria POS features include:

  • Driver and delivery management

  • Directions and mapping

  • Caller ID integration

  • Pizza-specific modifiers

SkyTab Pizzeria POS system is perfect for:

  • Full-service and quick-service pizza shops


Build an empire one restaurant at a time.

Enterprise POS features include:

  • Multi-location management

  • Roll-up reporting

  • Centralized menu management

SkyTab Enterprise POS system is perfect for:

  • Multi-unit restaurants

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SkyTab Station

POS Hardware That Fits the Bill

You get it all with SkyTab POS. A modern and sleek design, the durability of commercial-grade hardware, and a lifetime warranty.




per month

POS Pricing That Fits Your Budget

Get an affordable POS system without compromising on the features and functionality you need to run your business — with $0 upfront cost.


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